We specialize in helping physicians increase the efficiency, appearance, and function of their practices by leveraging our expertise across multiple medical disciplines. We use our expert knowledge to increase your income.

Fairfield Consultants, LLC specializes in operational and financial problem-solving on either an Individual Issue or Project Basis.

Representative individual issues

Representative individual issues can be staff-related, financial, or governmental issues of the practice. We specialize in the following:

  • Interim management
  • Practice management recruitment
  • Staff recruitment
  • Fee schedule analysis
  • Revenue cycle management
    • Billing policy & procedures creation/implementation
    • Evaluation & management coding analysis
    • “Check-In”/”Check-Out” collections raining
    • Accounts Receivable Aging Analysis
  • Staffing-FTE analysis by job type
  • Staffing-compensation analysis by job type
  • Productivity based compensation formulae
  • Physician compensation formulae
  • Extender compensation formulae
  • Practice profitability analysis
  • Practice financial “Profit Center” monitoring tools
  • Ancillary services introduction/modification analysis
  • Marketing plans
  • Employee handbook creation/implementation
    • Job descriptions
    • Performance appraisal systems
    • Progressive discipline policies
  • Transitional strategies for evolving physician roles within a group practice
  • Financial/timing analysis for adding a new physician/extender to a group practice
  • Governance programs
  • Practice management computer system selection
  • Electronic health records (EHR) selection
  • Office space utilization/cost analysis
  • Practice valuation

Medical Practice Assessment

A medical practice assessment analyzes your current business status and devises a plan to get you toward your goal. Once we determine what you have and where you want to go, we can begin the process. We analyze every facet of your practice to determine if the currently implemented procedures, systems, and controls are in place to meet your operational and financial goals. Our assessment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Practice management evaluation
  • Physician/Extender productivity analysis
  • Profitability analysis
  • Accounts receivable aging/timing analysis
  • Evaluation and management coding analysis
  • Ancillary services analysis
  • Billing policies/procedures review
  • Personnel evaluation
  • Practice management software review
  • Practice/Staff insurance program review
  • Facilities and equipment evaluation Methodology:
  • Interview all physicians and key staff
  • Observe practice operations
  • Analyze pertinent productivity and financial data
  • Compare results to industry standards
  • Quantify key findings and recommendations

We present the findings of our assessment, and our goals, methods, and recommendations in a clear and concise PowerPoint presentation. We devise a prioritized plan for each project and a timeline of completion.
We have served as interim management for a multitude of practices across a range of medical disciplines. We have also built quality working relationships with legal, estate planning, insurance, investment and accounting professionals, should they be required.
We have helped numerous medical practices perform better with our consulting services. Call us at 203-257-9784 or e-mail jcroce@fairfieldconsultants.com today to get a free consultation.