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Doctor Office ‘Doctor’

“John Croce came to our private medical office at a time when the turmoil of changing insurance regulations threatened to destroy our 30 year well-run 10 physician practice. Mr. Croce meticulously reviewed every aspect of our organization from intake staff to phone secretary policy to checkout staff procedures and billing practices, and helped integrate everything […]

What do Medical Practice Consultants do?

Medical practice consultants help practices increase efficiency and revenue, but what exactly do they do that helps? The growth in the medical practice consultation industry has coincided with the increased burden on healthcare professionals in terms of costs and regulations. In an industry where physician responsibilities are constantly changing and the regulations in which they […]

The Benefits of Medical Practice Consulting

Why more US medical practices need consulting, and how we help make you profitable The medical industry is constantly changing, and as new regulations, technologies and health trends continue to appear, the need for flexibility, adaptability, and efficiency have never been higher in the healthcare world. In the beginning most practices are quite small, and […]

Telemedicine 101: Telemedicine In NY Is Changing The Industry

Technology has changed the way that people socialize, work, and entertain themselves, but it has also changed how people get medical care. You might think that getting medical care over the web isn’t possible, but in many cases a doctor is just a click of a button away. You might wonder how it works, how […]

The Benefits of Concierge Medicine in NYC

As the landscape of the healthcare industry continues to change, and the needs and schedules of patients become more complex, more and more doctors are turning to the concierge medicine model in New York City. The hustle and bustle of the busy city means that the benefits of concierge medicine in NYC are far larger […]