Medical practitioners wanting to focus more on individual patients and provide a higher level of care have been switching to the concierge medicine model, especially after recent changes to the healthcare industry.

Also known as retainer medicine, it is built on the idea of patients paying an affordable fee to get exclusive access to a doctor and their services. At our concierge medicine service in NYC, you get more focused care, flexible access to the doctor, and more quality one-on-one time.
Concierge Medicine
This innovative practice is growing ever more popular, especially in large competitive markets like New York City where doctor’s waits can sometimes feel like rush hour traffic. We are built on close relationships with our patients, convenience, and long-term cooperation. Being a long-term patient will help keep your medical costs down, help improve your level of care, and help ease the burden on medical staff. Our concierge medical service cuts out the middleman, does away with costly and unnecessary visits and tests, and puts a premium on doctor-patient relations. If you are looking for the future of medical care, then you’ve found it here.

We understand that your health is not confined only to certain hours of the day, so we can provide round the clock care whenever you need it, and we strive to provide benefits that you simply can’t get from the traditional primary care industry.

At Fairfield Consultants, we use the concierge medicine model to devote more time to our patients, personalize our services, and provide a higher level of care.